This is gallery site of Shinichi Hagihara working as a designer in Fukuoka, Japan. This site is made mainly to Japanese. It is hard to translate diary and works comments into English every time. But I present you an icons I made.
Thanks for visit.
British Motorcycles Logo Icons 01
British Motorcycles Logo Icons
50's British motorcycle company's logo type and symbol marks.
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"MINI" Icons 02
"MINI" Icons
All manufacturer variation styles of "Old MINI".
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Power Mac G3/G4 Icons 03
Power Mac G3 / G4 Icons
Apple Power macintosh G3 / G4 and Peripheral equipment.
mac PowerMac_Icons2001.sit / 32K Download
beakers Icons 04
beakers Icons
Beakers for a strange experiment.
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Mr.ColorIcons 05
Mr.Color is the paint which has obtained high evaluation as a model paint preeminent for a result and which is easy to use reasonable.
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beakers Icons 06
"ETO" Icons
"ETO" is the cycle of the Japanese calendrical system, in which one animal (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, cock, dog, and boar) represents each of twelve years.
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Volks Wagen Type2 Bus
I want one of these!
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